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GuitarWavs Steel String Guitar Loops

General Information

Folders: 2
Total Size: 675 MB
Files: 1100
Note: Letters refer to chord names. Chords are strummed unless labeled picking.
Folder Name: Acid loops
Folder Size: 597 MB
Files in Folder: 943
Folder Note: All loops are recorded at 120 bpm. 4/4 time.

A + bass notes 2.wav
A + bass notes.wav
A + fast riff.wav
A 1 strum.wav
A 2 strums.wav
A 8th notes.wav
A A7 D F picking.wav
A Asus2 Asus4 2.wav
A Asus2 Asus4.wav
A Asus2 D.wav
A Asus4 picking.wav
A B D A.wav
A bluesy high.wav
A C D C bluesy.wav
A C G.wav
A C#7.wav
A C#m D E.wav
A C.wav
A C7 D B7.wav
A C7 D Dm.wav
A D 2.wav
A D 3.wav
A D A D picking.wav
A D A E.wav
A D A7 D.wav
A D Bm E.wav
A D Bm.wav
A D G C.wav
A D picking.wav
A D rock.wav
A D.wav
A Dadd9 + riff.wav
A Dadd9 picking.wav
A E 2.wav
A E 3.wav
A E A D A Bm7.wav
A E bluesy riffs.wav
A E Bm D picking.wav
A E D E.wav
A E D picking.wav
A E Esus2.wav
A E F#m C#m.wav
A E F#m D.wav
A E F#m Dadd9 picking.wav
A E F#m E.wav
A E G D.wav
A E.wav
A E7 groove.wav
A E7sus4.wav
A Em.wav
A F G.wav
A F#m B7 E7.wav
A F#m Bm E.wav
A F#m C#m Bm.wav
A F#m C#m E.wav
A F#m D E.wav
A G D F.wav
A G D.wav
A groove.wav
A Gsus2 Dsus2.wav
A harmonic min run.wav
A harmonic min scale.wav
A high picking.wav
A picking.wav
A13 D9 groove.wav
A59 C59 G59.wav
A59 C59.wav
A7 A9.wav
A7 C G D.wav
A7 C59.wav
A7 D.wav
A7 D7 2.wav
A7 D7.wav
A7 D9 groove.wav
A7 D9 groove3.wav
A7 D9.wav
A7 E7.wav
A7 groove 4.wav
A7 groove.wav
A7 groove3.wav
A7 groove5.wav
A7 riff.wav
Aadd9 Cadd9#11 picking.wav
Ab C7 F7 Bb7 Eb7 Ab.wav
Ab Db Ab Bbm7.wav
Ab Db.wav
Ab Eb Bb.wav
Ab Eb country.wav
Ab Eb Db.wav
Ab Eb Fm Db.wav
Ab Eb Fm Eb picking.wav
Ab Eb Fm picking.wav
Ab Gb add9 Db Eb11.wav
Ab rag.wav
Abmaj7 Eb Bb.wav
Absus2 Ebsus2 picking.wav
Am 1 strum.wav
Am 2 strums.wav
Am 2.wav
Am 3.wav
Am Am6 E.wav
Am Am7 D9 picking.wav
Am Am7 D9.wav
Am Asus2 Fmaj7.wav
Am Asus4 E.wav
Am C D.wav
Am C Em G.wav
Am C G D.wav
Am C G Em picking.wav
Am C G picking.wav
Am C G.wav
Am C.wav
Am D G.wav
Am D.wav
Am Dm picking.wav
Am Dmaj7 A E picking.wav
Am E 2.wav
Am E Am C D.wav
Am E.wav
Am E7.wav
Am Em + bass notes.wav
Am Em 2.wav
Am Em Am C D.wav
Am Em Am C.wav
Am Em Am D.wav
Am Em C D.wav
Am Em D G 2.wav
Am Em D G 3.wav
Am Em D G.wav
Am Em strum-pick.wav
Am Em.wav
Am Em9 picking.wav
Am F Dm picking.wav
Am F G Am 2.wav
Am F G Am.wav
Am F.wav
Am fingers.wav
Am Fmaj7 G.wav
Am G Am C G.wav
Am G Am C.wav
Am G C A D.wav
Am G C Dm picking.wav
Am G C E.wav
Am G C E7.wav
Am G C Em.wav
Am G C G picking.wav
Am G C G.wav
Am G D 2.wav
Am G D.wav
Am G F E7 3.wav
Am G F E7 4.wav
Am G F G picking.wav
Am G F picking.wav
Am G Fadd9 E7 2.wav
Am G Fadd9 E7.wav
Am groove 2.wav
Am groove.wav
Am picking 2.wav
Am picking 3.wav
Am picking.wav
Am sextuplets.wav
Am11 Ab7b5 Gm11 Gb7b5.wav
Am11 Ab7b5 Gmaj7.wav
Am7 Ab7b5 Gmaj7 E7#9.wav
Am7 Am6 picking.wav
Am7 Bm11.wav
Am7 Bm7.wav
Am7 D13 picking.wav
Am7 D9 G.wav
Am7 D9.wav
Am9 C59.wav
Am9 D9.wav
Amaj7 Dadd9.wav
Asus 2 Dmaj9 picking.wav
Asus2 + bass notes.wav
Asus2 A C Cadd9.wav
Asus2 C G D.wav
Asus2 Dm E.wav
Asus2 E C D.wav
Asus2 E Dsus2 D.wav
Asus2 E.wav
Asus2 picking 2.wav
Asus2 strum.wav
Asus4 A 2.wav
Asus4 A E Esus4.wav
Asus4 A.wav
B + bass notes.wav
B A E 2.wav
B A E 3.wav
B A E B.wav
B A E riff + picking.wav
B A E.wav
B Bluesy.wav
B Bmaj7 B7 E.wav
B Bsus2 A E.wav
B Bsus2 Bsus4.wav
B Bsus2 E Esus4.wav
B Bsus2 E F#m E.wav
B Bsus2 F# E.wav
B Bsus2 G#m11 A picking.wav
B C#m E B.wav
B D A B D E.wav
B D A picking.wav
B D A.wav
B D E D.wav
B D E.wav
B F# B E.wav
B F# E.wav
B F#m E Esus B.wav
B G#m C#m E.wav
B G#m E F#m.wav
B59 A59.wav
B7 C7 B7 E B7.wav
Bb Ab Eb picking.wav
Bb Ab Eb.wav
Bb Bbsus2 Bbsus4.wav
Bb C D.wav
Bb country.wav
Bb descending bass line.wav
Bb Eb 2.wav
Bb Eb Bb Bbsus4.wav
Bb Eb Bb picking.wav
Bb Eb Db.wav
Bb Eb F 2.wav
Bb Eb F.wav
Bb Eb picking.wav
Bb Eb.wav
Bb F Bb Eb.wav
Bb F C G.wav
Bb F C picking.wav
Bb F Eb F.wav
Bb F Gm Eb 2.wav
Bb F Gm Eb.wav
Bb F Gm Ebadd9.wav
Bb F picking 2.wav
Bb F picking.wav
Bb Gm Bb Eb picking.wav
Bb high + 3rds.wav
Bb high country.wav
Bb high picking.wav
Bb59 Am9 picking.wav
Bb59 G59.wav
Bbm Ab Db.wav
Bbm Ab Eb.wav
Bbm Ab Gb F.wav
Bbm Ab Gbadd9.wav
Bbm Db Ab Eb picking.wav
Bbm Db Fm Eb picking.wav
Bbm Eb Ab Fm.wav
Bbm F.wav
Bbm Fm 2.wav
Bbm Fm.wav
Bbm7 Cm7.wav
Bbmaj7 Ebmaj7.wav
Bm A G picking.wav
Bm Bm7 Abm7b5 Gmaj7.wav
Bm Bm7 E9 G picking.wav
Bm Bm7 E9.wav
Bm Bsus2 picking.wav
Bm D A E.wav
Bm D E Gmaj7.wav
Bm D E.wav
Bm E.wav
Bm F#7.wav
Bm F#m.wav
Bm G Em A7.wav
Bm G Em A7sus4 A7.wav
Bm9 D59 picking.wav
Bmaj7 Amaj7.wav
Bmaj7 D#m7 G#m7 Esus2.wav
Bmaj7 Emaj7.wav
Bmaj7 Esus2 picking.wav
Bmaj7 F#.wav
Bsus2 D Eadd9.wav
C + bass.wav
C 1 strum.wav
C 16ths.wav
C Am 2.wav
C Am Em G.wav
C Am Em.wav
C Am F G 2.wav
C Am F G.wav
C Am Fmaj7 G.wav
C Am Fmaj7 G6 picking.wav
C Am G Em.wav
C Am G Fadd9.wav
C Am G.wav
C Am picking 3.wav
C Am picking.wav
C Am.wav
C Bb F Ab.wav
C Bb F C.wav
C blues pattern.wav
C D E 2.wav
C D E.wav
C D Em.wav
C D G.wav
C D11.wav
C Dm C F picking.wav
C Dm7 C F.wav
C E7 F G G7.wav
C Em Am G 2.wav
C Em Am G 3.wav
C Em Am G.wav
C Em Bm G.wav
C Em D G.wav
C Em Fmaj7.wav
C F 2.wav
C F 3.wav
C F 4.wav
C F C F G picking.wav
C F C G.wav
C F C.wav
C F country 2.wav
C F G C.wav
C F G.wav
C F picking 2.wav
C F picking 3.wav
C F picking 4.wav
C F picking.wav
C F.wav
C fingers 3.wav
C G 4.wav
C G 5.wav
C G Am Em.wav
C G Am F 2.wav
C G Am F picking 2.wav
C G Am F picking 3.wav
C G Am F picking 4.wav
C G Am F picking.wav
C G Am Fmaj7 picking.wav
C G Am Fmaj7.wav
C G Am G picking.wav
C G Am G.wav
C G Am picking.wav
C G Am.wav
C G Am7 Fadd9 picking 2.wav
C G Am7 Fadd9 picking.wav
C G Am7 G.wav
C G Am9 picking.wav
C G Am9 plucking.wav
C G C D country.wav
C G D picking.wav
C G D.wav
C G F picking.wav
C G picking.wav
C G.wav
C G7 2.wav
C G7.wav
C high + riff 2.wav
C high 2.wav
C high.wav
C picking 4.wav
C#7 groove.wav
C#m7 Asus2 picking.wav
C7 8th notes.wav
C7 C9 C7 C7sus4 picking.wav
C9 2.wav
Cadd9 Bm11 Bbmaj7 Am9 picking.wav
Cadd9 Cm9.wav
Cadd9 D.wav
Cadd9 G.wav
Cadd9 picking.wav
Cm Abmaj7 Bb Eb Bb.wav
Cm Bb Eb Bb.wav
Cm Bb Eb F.wav
Cm Bb Eb.wav
Cm Bb F.wav
Cm Cm6 Cm7.wav
Cm Csus2 Eb Ebmaj7 picking.wav
Cm Eb Bb.wav
Cm Eb Cm F.wav
Cm Eb F.wav
Cm Eb picking.wav
Cm Eb6 D7.wav
Cm F Cm Eb.wav
Cm G CmBb Eb Bb Eb C.wav
Cm G.wav
Cm Gm Abmaj7 Eb.wav
Cm Gm Bb F picking.wav
Cm Gm Bb59.wav
Cm Gm Cm Eb.wav
Cm Gm Eb Ab.wav
Cm Gm.wav
Cm picking.wav
Cm7 Am9 picking.wav
Cm7 Dm7 Cm9 picking.wav
Cmaj7 Abmaj7.wav
Cmaj7 F + riff.wav
Cmaj7 Fadd9.wav
Cmaj7 G.wav
Csus2 Cmaj9.wav
Csus2 Eb Bb F.wav
Csus2 G Gsus4.wav
Csus4 C picking.wav
D #11 picking.wav
D + bass notes 2.wav
D + bass notes.wav
D 1 strum.wav
D 2 strums.wav
D 2.wav
D 8th notes.wav
D A 8th notes.wav
D A Bm9 picking.wav
D A C G.wav
D A E.wav
D A G 2.wav
D A G D.wav
D A G.wav
D A picking.wav
D A.wav
D A7 Bb F.wav
D Bb A7.wav
D Bb C.wav
D blues pattern.wav
D C Am G.wav
D C G 2.wav
D C G.wav
D Cadd9 Bbmaj7 Asus4 picking.wav
D Cadd9 D Am.wav
D Cadd9#11 Em Asus4 A picking.wav
D Cadd9.wav
D D7 G Gm.wav
D Dm7 G.wav
D Dmaj7 D9 G.wav
D Dsus2 Am.wav
D Dsus2 Cadd9 picking.wav
D Dsus2.wav
D Dsus4 Asus2 E.wav
D Dsus4 C G.wav
D Dsus4 Dmaj9 D7sus4 D9 G.wav
D Dsus4 Dsus2.wav
D Dsus4 G.wav
D Dsus4 picking.wav
D E A.wav
D F G D.wav
D F high.wav
D F.wav
D G 2.wav
D G 3.wav
D G A.wav
D G Bb C.wav
D G C A.wav
D G C A7 2.wav
D G C A7.wav
D G Cadd9.wav
D G D A.wav
D G D C D G.wav
D G Fmaj7 C.wav
D G picking.wav
D G.wav
D picking 2.wav
D picking 3.wav
D picking.wav
D7 picking.wav
D7sus4 D9 D7.wav
D9 D#9 D9 C9 C#9 groove.wav
D9 groove.wav
Dadd9 Aadd9 picking.wav
Db Ab Bbm Ab picking.wav
Db Ab Bbm.wav
Db Ab Eb.wav
Db Ab.wav
Db Eb11 Fm.wav
Dm Am F G 2.wav
Dm Am F.wav
Dm Am G.wav
Dm Bb Gm picking.wav
Dm C Bb6 A7 picking.wav
Dm C G picking.wav
Dm C G.wav
Dm C.wav
Dm Dm6 Dm7.wav
Dm Dsus2 picking 2.wav
Dm Dsus2 picking.wav
Dm F C G picking.wav
Dm F C picking.wav
Dm fingers.wav
Dm Fmaj7.wav
Dm funky.wav
Dm G picking.wav
Dm G.wav
Dm groove picking.wav
Dm picking 2.wav
Dm picking.wav
Dm7 + bass notes 2.wav
Dm7 + bass notes.wav
Dm7 Em11.wav
Dm7 G9 picking.wav
Dm7 groove 2.wav
Dm7 groove.wav
Dm9 + bass notes.wav
Dm9 Am9 picking.wav
Dm9 D#m9.wav
Dm9 G13 Cmaj7 Cmaj6.wav
Dm9 groove 2.wav
Dm9 groove.wav
Dm9 picking.wav
Dmaj7 Amaj7 Gmaj7.wav
Dmaj7 G.wav
Dmaj7 Gmaj7.wav
Dmaj9 Asus2 picking.wav
Dmaj9 Gmaj7 picking.wav
Dmaj9 Gmaj7.wav
Drop D riff.wav
Dsus2 Aadd9 picking.wav
Dsus2 Bb.wav
DSus2 D Asus2 A.wav
Dsus2 D Dsus4.wav
Dsus2 Fadd9 G.wav
Dsus4 D Dsus2 2.wav
Dsus4 D Dsus2.wav
E + 8th notes bass.wav
E + bass notes.wav
E + blues riff.wav
E + riff.wav
E 1 strum 2.wav
E 12 bar blues.wav
E 2 strums.wav
E A B picking.wav
E A B.wav
E A D 2.wav
E A D A.wav
E A D G.wav
E A D.wav
E A E 2.wav
E A E bluesy.wav
E A E G D.wav
E A E.wav
E A G E.wav
E A groove.wav
E A picking.wav
E A.wav
E A6.wav
E A69.wav
E Asus2.wav
E B D A.wav
E B F#m7 A.wav
E blues intro.wav
E blues riff 2.wav
E blues riff 3.wav
E blues riff 4.wav
E blues riff 5.wav
E blues riff 6.wav
E Blues riff 7.wav
E blues riff.wav
E bluesy groove 2.wav
E bluesy groove.wav
E bluesy.wav
E C D 2.wav
E C D E picking.wav
E C D.wav
E C#m A B7.wav
E C#m B7 Am.wav
E C#m F#m B7 2.wav
E C#m F#m B7.wav
E C.wav
E C7 G B7 2.wav
E C7 G B7.wav
E chord harmonic.wav
E chord harmonics 2.wav
E D A + riff.wav
E D A Asus2.wav
E D A E.wav
E D A G.wav
E D A.wav
E D B.wav
E D C B.wav
E D C G picking.wav
E D.wav
E D7 A.wav
E E6.wav
E E7.wav
E ending riff.wav
E Esus2 Emaj9 E69 picking.wav
E Esus2 picking.wav
E F picking.wav
E F#m11 G D.wav
E F#m11 picking.wav
E F.wav
E Fmaj7 picking.wav
E G A + riff 2.wav
E G A Asus2.wav
E G A Asus4.wav
E G A C.wav
E G A.wav
E G Asus2 C picking.wav
E G Asus4.wav
E G C A.wav
E G D 2.wav
E G D Dsus2.wav
E G D G D.wav
E G D.wav
E G E G A.wav
E G E.wav
E groove 3.wav
E groove.wav
E59 G59 A59 C59.wav
E59 G59 A59 Cadd9 picking.wav
E6 A B7.wav
E7 bluesy groove.wav
E7 + fast riff.wav
E7 +riff.wav
E7 A7 + riff 2.wav
E7 A7 + riff 3.wav
E7 A7 + riff.wav
E7 A7 +riff.wav
E7 A7 2.wav
E7 A7 3.wav
E7 A7 groove.wav
E7 A7.wav
E7 bluesy picking.wav
E7 G7.wav
E7 groove 2.wav
E7 groove.wav
E7 picking.wav
E7 rag.wav
E9 D9 A7.wav
Eadd9 A add9 picking.wav
Eb Ab Bb country.wav
Eb Ab Bb.wav
Eb Ab Eb Bb.wav
Eb Bb 2.wav
Eb Bb Ab Bb.wav
Eb Bb Cm Ab.wav
Eb Bb Cm Bb Ab Bb Eb Bb.wav
Eb Bb Cm Bb F.wav
Eb Bb Eb F Bb.wav
Eb Bb Eb F.wav
Eb Bb F.wav
Eb Bb picking 2.wav
Eb Bb picking 3.wav
Eb Bb picking.wav
Eb Bb.wav
Eb Cm plucking.wav
Eb country 2.wav
Eb country picking.wav
Eb Db picking.wav
Eb F G picking.wav
Eb F Gm 2.wav
Eb F Gm.wav
Eb Gm Cm Bb.wav
Eb Gm.wav
Eb picking.wav
Eb7 D7 + G riff.wav
Eb7 D7 G7 2.wav
Eb7 D7 rag.wav
Ebadd9 Bb.wav
Ebm Bbm picking.wav
Ebm Bbm plucking.wav
Em + bass notes.wav
Em 1 strum.wav
Em 2 strums.wav
Em 3.wav
Em A G D.wav
Em A7 G D.wav
Em A7.wav
Em Am D G.wav
Em Bm G.wav
Em C D Em.wav
Em C G D.wav
Em D C G D.wav
Em D C G.wav
Em D C.wav
Em D G Am.wav
Em D G D 2.wav
Em G Am C picking.wav
Em G G6.wav
Em G.wav
Em groove.wav
Em9 G59 A.wav
Em9 Gadd9 picking.wav
Em9 picking.wav
Esus4 Asus2.wav
Esus4 Asus4 A.wav
Esus4 E 2.wav
Esus4 E A.wav
Esus4 E.wav
F + riff.wav
F 10ths.wav
F 5ths high.wav
F Ab C Eb.wav
F Ab Eb.wav
F Am Dm C picking.wav
F Bb Ab.wav
F Bb C Csus2.wav
F Bb C picking.wav
F Bb Gm C.wav
F Bb picking.wav
F Bb.wav
F Bbadd9 picking.wav
F C + riff.wav
F C 2.wav
F C Am7 C.wav
F C D A.wav
F C Dm picking.wav
F C Dm7 C picking.wav
F C E.wav
F C Eb Bb.wav
F C G + riff.wav
F C G 3.wav
F C G.wav
F C G-B.wav
F C offbeat.wav
F C picking 2.wav
F C picking.wav
F C.wav
F country 3.wav
F country.wav
F Csus2 G picking.wav
F Csus4.wav
F Dm Bb C picking.wav
F Dm Gm7 C7.wav
F Dm7 Bb Bbm.wav
F Dm7 Bb C7.wav
F E A.wav
F Eb Bb Db picking.wav
F Eb Bb F Ab Bb.wav
F Eb Bb.wav
F Ebsus2 Bbsus.wav
F Fb5 picking.wav
F Fsus2 Fm7 Fsus2 Bb Bb6 F.wav
F Fsus2 Fm7 Fsus2.wav
F Fsus2 Fsus4.wav
F G A.wav
F G Am7.wav
F G C 2.wav
F G C.wav
F G D.wav
F Gm7 Am7 Bbmaj7.wav
F groove.wav
F# bluesy.wav
F#11 picking.wav
F#7 groove.wav
F#7#9 + riff.wav
F#m Bm G#m C#m F#m Bm E.wav
F#m B E.wav
F#m E D E.wav
F#m E Esus2.wav
F#m7 B9 E C#m.wav
F#m7 Dadd9 picking.wav
F7 Bb7 + riff.wav
F7 Bb7 Db7 Ab 2.wav
F7 Bb7 Db7 Ab.wav
F7 Bb7 Eb7 Ab.wav
F7 bluesy groove.wav
F7 bluesy riff.wav
Fadd9 D11 C.wav
Fadd9 Em9 Am9 picking.wav
Fadd9 Em9 picking.wav
Fadd9 picking.wav
Fadd9#11 Fadd9.wav
Fm Ab Eb Bb.wav
Fm Bbm C7.wav
Fm Bbm.wav
Fm Db Ab Eb.wav
Fm Db Eb.wav
Fm Db Fm Bb7.wav
Fm Eb Bb.wav
Fm Eb Cm picking.wav
Fm Fm(maj7) Fm7 Fm6 picking.wav
Fm G7 Cm Bb Eb.wav
Fm G7 picking.wav
Fma7 Cmaj7.wav
Fmaj7 2.wav
Fmaj7 Am.wav
Fmaj7 Am7 Dm C picking.wav
Fmaj7 C picking 2.wav
Fmaj7 C picking.wav
Fmaj7 E7 Am.wav
Fmaj7 G6 A.wav
Fmaj7 picking.wav
Fmaj9 Cmaj9 picking.wav
Fmaj9 Csus2.wav
Fsus2 picking.wav
Fsus4 F C F picking.wav
G + riff 2.wav
G + riff 3.wav
G + riff 4.wav
G + riff.wav
G 16ths.wav
G 2.wav
G A D.wav
G A7 C D.wav
G A7 C D7.wav
G Am Em D.wav
G Am picking.wav
G Am7 Bm7 C.wav
G Am7 Em7 C.wav
G Am7.wav
G B7 C D7.wav
G banjo style.wav
G Bb F.wav
G blues pattern.wav
G blues phrase.wav
G Bm Em.wav
G C + riff.wav
G C 2.wav
G C 4.wav
G C Am D.wav
G C Am Em.wav
G C Am7 Dsus4 D.wav
G C country 2.wav
G C country.wav
G C D 3.wav
G C D country.wav
G C D Dsus4.wav
G C D walk picking.wav
G C D11 picking.wav
G C F C 2.wav
G C F C 3.wav
G C F C.wav
G C Fadd9 C.wav
G C fingers.wav
G C G Am7.wav
G C G D C.wav
G C G F.wav
G C G.wav
G C offbeat.wav
G C.wav
G C7.wav
G Cadd9 2.wav
G Cadd9.wav
G country blues riff.wav
G country.wav
G D A D A.wav
G D A D.wav
G D Am C picking.wav
G D C D 2.wav
G D C D.wav
G D Cadd9 D.wav
G D Dsus2 A Asus2.wav
G D Dsus2.wav
G D Em 2.wav
G D Em Am G C.wav
G D Em C 2.wav
G D Em C D G.wav
G D Em C.wav
G D Em D C G Am7.wav
G D Em picking.wav
G D Em.wav
G D F C.wav
G D G C D.wav
G D G C picking.wav
G D G C.wav
G D.wav
G D7 C D7.wav
G Dm Am.wav
G E.wav
G Em 2.wav
G Em 3.wav
G Em 4.wav
G Em Bm C.wav
G Em.wav
G Em7 C D.wav
G F 2.wav
G F C 2.wav
G F C G.wav
G F C.wav
G F E Am.wav
G F E7 Am.wav
G F.wav
G Fadd9 C.wav
G fingers.wav
G Fsus2 C.wav
G G6 G7 2.wav
G G6 G7.wav
G G7 C Cm.wav
G Gmaj9 G7 C picking.wav
G groove 2.wav
G groove 3.wav
G Groove.wav
G Gsus2 Gsus4 high.wav
G Gsus4 high picking.wav
G harmonic.wav
G high 2.wav
G high picking 3.wav
G high picking 4.wav
G high picking.wav
G offbeat.wav
G picking.wav
G riff.wav
G#7 groove.wav
G5ths high.wav
G7 + riff 2.wav
G7 + riff.wav
G7 C7 Bb C7.wav
G7 C7 F7 Bb.wav
G7 C7 groove 2.wav
G7 C7 groove 3.wav
G7 C7 groove.wav
G7 C7.wav
G7 C9.wav
G7 groove 2.wav
G7 groove.wav
G9 picking.wav
Gb Db Ab.wav
Gm Am Bb C picking.wav
Gm Bb C Eb.wav
Gm Bb C.wav
Gm C Csus2.wav
Gm C7 Eb Gm.wav
Gm Cm.wav
Gm D7.wav
Gm Eb F picking.wav
Gm Eb picking.wav
Gm F Bb C.wav
Gm F Bb F.wav
Gm F C 2.wav
Gm F C picking.wav
Gm F C.wav
Gm7 Am7 Bbmaj7 Am7.wav
Gm7 C9.wav
Gm9 Abadd9 F Bb picking.wav
Gm9 Bb59 Abadd9 Cm picking.wav
Gm9 Bb59 F.wav
Gm9 Bbmaj7 F.wav
Gm9 picking.wav
Gsus2 Dadd9 Fadd9 C picking.wav
Hillbill E.wav

Folder Name: Duets Acid
Folder Size: 92 MB
Files in Folder: 166
Folder Note: Each file contains one guitar part in the left channel and a second guitar in the right channel.

A C D C + lead 1.wav
A C D C + lead 10.wav
A C D C + lead 11.wav
A C D C + lead 2.wav
A C D C + lead 3.wav
A C D C + lead 4.wav
A C D C + lead 5.wav
A C D C + lead 6.wav
A C D C + lead 7.wav
A C D C + lead 8.wav
A C D C + lead 9.wav
A D picking.wav
A E G D picking.wav
A E G D.wav
Am F G Am picking.wav
Am G F E.wav
Am picking 2.wav
Am picking.wav
B Bluesy + lead 1.wav
B Bluesy + lead 10.wav
B Bluesy + lead 2.wav
B Bluesy + lead 3.wav
B Bluesy + lead 4.wav
B Bluesy + lead 5.wav
B Bluesy + lead 6.wav
B Bluesy + lead 7.wav
B Bluesy + lead 8.wav
B Bluesy + lead 9.wav
Bm9 D59 picking.wav
C Am.wav
C#7 groove + lead 1.wav
C#7 groove + lead 10.wav
C#7 groove + lead 11.wav
C#7 groove + lead 12.wav
C#7 groove + lead 13.wav
C#7 groove + lead 2.wav
C#7 groove + lead 3.wav
C#7 groove + lead 4.wav
C#7 groove + lead 5.wav
C#7 groove + lead 6.wav
C#7 groove + lead 7.wav
C#7 groove + lead 8.wav
C#7 groove + lead 9.wav
C#m7 Asus2 picking.wav
D + bass notes 2.wav
D + bass notes.wav
D + riff.wav
D picking 1.wav
D picking 2.wav
D picking 3.wav
D picking 4.wav
Dm picking 2.wav
Dm picking.wav
E picking 1.wav
E picking 2.wav
E7 A7 + lead 1.wav
E7 A7 + lead 10.wav
E7 A7 + lead 11.wav
E7 A7 + lead 12.wav
E7 A7 + lead 2.wav
E7 A7 + lead 3.wav
E7 A7 + lead 4.wav
E7 A7 + lead 5.wav
E7 A7 + lead 6.wav
E7 A7 + lead 7.wav
E7 A7 + lead 8.wav
E7 A7 + lead 9.wav
E7 bluesy picking.wav
Ebm picking.wav
F Bb Ab + lead 1.wav
F Bb Ab + lead 10.wav
F Bb Ab + lead 2.wav
F Bb Ab + lead 3.wav
F Bb Ab + lead 4.wav
F Bb Ab + lead 5.wav
F Bb Ab + lead 6.wav
F Bb Ab + lead 7.wav
F Bb Ab + lead 8.wav
F Bb Ab + lead 9.wav
F C F G.wav
F# bluesy + lead 1.wav
F# bluesy + lead 10.wav
F# bluesy + lead 2.wav
F# bluesy + lead 3].wav
F# bluesy + lead 4.wav
F# bluesy + lead 5.wav
F# bluesy + lead 6.wav
F# bluesy + lead 7.wav
F# bluesy + lead 8.wav
F# bluesy + lead 9.wav
F# bluesy.wav
Fm Db Eb.wav
Fsus4 picking.wav
G C country + lead 1.wav
G C country + lead 2.wav
G C country + lead 3.wav
G C country 2 + 2 leads 10.wav
G C country 2 + 2 leads 11.wav
G C country 2 + 2 leads.wav
G C country 2 + lead 10.wav
G C country 2 + lead 8.wav
G C country 2 + lead 9.wav
G C country 2 + lead 4.wav
G C country 2 + lead 5.wav
G C country 2 + lead 6.wav
G C country 2 + lead 7.wav
G C country 2.wav
G C country 3.wav
G C country.wav
G F C 2 + lead 1.wav
G F C 2 + lead 10.wav
G F C 2 + lead 2.wav
G F C 2 + lead 3.wav
G F C 2 + lead 4.wav
G F C 2 + lead 5.wav
G F C 2 + lead 6.wav
G F C 2 + lead 7.wav
G F C 2 + lead 8.wav
G F C 2 + lead 9.wav
G F C 2.wav
G F C.wav
G groove 3 + lead 1.wav
G groove 3 + lead 2.wav
G groove 3 + lead 3.wav
G groove 3 + lead 4.wav
G groove 3 + lead 5.wav
G groove 3 + lead 6.wav
G offbeat.wav
G#7 groove + lead 1.wav
G#7 groove + lead 10.wav
G#7 groove + lead 2.wav
G#7 groove + lead 3.wav
G#7 groove + lead 4.wav
G#7 groove + lead 5.wav
G#7 groove + lead 6.wav
G#7 groove + lead 7.wav
G#7 groove + lead 8.wav
G#7 groove + lead 9.wav
G7 C7 Bb C7 + lead 1.wav
G7 C7 Bb C7 + lead 2.wav
G7 C7 Bb C7 + lead 3.wav
G7 C7 Bb C7 + lead 4.wav
G7 C7 Bb C7 + lead 5.wav
G7 C7 Bb C7 + lead 6.wav
G7 C7 Bb C7 + lead 7.wav
G7 C7 Bb C7 + lead 8.wav
Gm Bb C + lead 10.wav
Gm Bb C + lead 2.wav
Gm Bb C + lead 3.wav
Gm Bb C + lead 4.wav
Gm Bb C + lead 5.wav
Gm Bb C + lead 7.wav
Gm Bb C + lead 8.wav
Gm Bb C + lead 9.wav
Gm Bb C + lead.wav
Gm Eb picking.wav
Gm7 C9 + lead 1.wav
Gm7 C9 + lead 2.wav
Gm7 C9 + lead 3.wav
Gm7 C9 + lead 4.wav
Gm7 C9 + lead 5.wav
Gm7 C9 + lead 6.wav
Gm7 C9 + lead 7.wav
Gm7 C9 + lead 8.wav
Gm7 C9 + lead 9.wav

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